Mercury Drug and Hydrotrim join fight against Obesity.

hydro1.jpg The Mercury Drug chain of stores and Hydrotrim, the country’s first orange-flavored slimming beverage, recently banded together to spearhead the newest salvo in the fight against obesity and the health risks associated with being overweight. The program which came in the form of a free body fat clinic and seminar held at 20 of the drugstore’s major outlets aimed at educating hundreds of people on how to become more aware of their body fat and how to combat it safely and effectively. Participants were educated on different techniques on how to bring down and control their weight, including proper eating habits, awareness on ingredients in food products, exercise tips and the Hydrotrim daily regime. The program, which began simultaneously with the recent launch of the product, will continue to run in Metro Manila before moving to major drug outlets in neighboring provinces in the coming months. Hydrotrim is now available in all Mercury Drug outlets and other major drugstores in the metro. For more information about the program, call 02-894-1111 or email:


Hydrotrim Body Fat Reduction Program Benefits 500 Filipinas

A total of 500 filipinas of various ages recently discovered a new way of trimming down their weight and body fat levels through a body fat reduction trial spearheaded by Hydrotim, the newest slimming beverage to enter the country.

The program, which is the first-of-its-kind to be embarked by Hydrotrim in the country, involved 12-weeks of closely monitored tests wherein the women drank a glass of the product thirty minutes before every meal, every day. Sample products were provided for free for the duration of the trials. Continue reading

Orange is the new color of Fitness


Being fashionably fit has become the craze nowadays as more and more people have become figure and diet conscious, defining a new culture wherein staying trim and healthy is the most important aspect of their lives.

And with this culture comes various figure enhancing food supplements, diet pills, alternative beverages and slimming teas that all profess to aid the individual control their weight and attain slim figures.

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New US Slimming Product Enters Local Market

In the rapidly growing business of health beverages, a new slimming drink is set to penetrate the Philippine market and challenge the dominance of other industry players by providing a convenient and tasty alternative of attaining trim and sexy body.

Hydrotrim, recently launched into the market by Mega Lifesciences Pty Ltd, is touted as the country’s first orange-flavored slimming beverage to the Filipino consumers.

“Drink it, trim it—it’s that simple,” said Hydrotrim brand manager Shirley Jocson. “No nasty diets, no stigma associated with taking medications, no embarrassing side effects, no bad taste, it’s just like drinking your regular orange drink.”

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