Orange is the new color of Fitness


Being fashionably fit has become the craze nowadays as more and more people have become figure and diet conscious, defining a new culture wherein staying trim and healthy is the most important aspect of their lives.

And with this culture comes various figure enhancing food supplements, diet pills, alternative beverages and slimming teas that all profess to aid the individual control their weight and attain slim figures.

But like all things fashionable, a new beverage has now emerged to redefine the landscape of health and figure conscious individuals. Now the new color that is in fashion for fitness is orange and the new fitness drink – Hydrotrim.

Introduced into the country by Mega Lifesciences Pty. Ltd., a global neutraceutical company operating in over 22 countries whose philosophy is geared towards offering high quality healthcare for human wellness, Hydrotrim is the first-ever orange flavored slimming drink in the market today.

“Drink it, trim it – it’s that simple,” said Hydrotrim Brand Manager Shirley Jocson. “Now figure-conscious people can easily and safely reduce their fat simply by drinking a glass of Hydrotrim before every meal,” Jocson added.

Jocson explained that the secret to Hydrotrim’s slimming properties is its active ingredient, Super Citrimax, a proprietary formulation made in the United States that comes from the extract of fruit Garcinia Cambogia.

This extract, Hydroxycitric Acid, is a natural organic acid similar to the acid found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons but with remarkably different properties.

While citric acid is beneficial to the human body because it acts as a natural preservative and an antioxidant, Hydroxycitric Acid, when mixed with the other naturally occurring chemicals present in Hydrotrim, is better because it burns fat and controls the body’s intake of carbohydrates and sugars that are often converted into unsightly flab.

“In the tests that we conducted with 500 Filipino women, Hydrotrim was proven effective in lowering sugar and carbohydrate cravings, inhibiting the production of fat, increasing the ability to burn fat and boosting the body’s metabolic rate,” revealed Jocson. “Aside from getting rid of their “bilbil” or love handles, the women really enjoyed the orange-flavor of Hydrotrim,” she added.

Another important benefit gained from Hydrotrim aside from its weight-control properties is the fact that the product is an easy and convenient way to eliminate fat and maintain figure since it is available in powered format and packaged in sachets.

Jocson advised that in order to effectively trim down or maintain lean, healthy bodies, individuals need to consume at least two sachet of Hydrotrim everyday, 30 minutes before every meal. Preparation takes only a few seconds since the Hydrotrim powder dissolves easily in a glass of water, just like a regular orange drink.

The product is also readily available in Mercury outlets and most major drugstores at an affordable price, attesting the company’s mission of improving human health by providing quality medicines and health products at the right price.

“Health buffs and weight watchers are assured of safety and quality as Mega Lifesciences, a company that specializes in neutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals, has over 20 years of experience in developing high-quality products for human wellness,” said Mega Lifesciences executive director Rishi Pradhan.

For more information about Hydrotrim and other Mega Lifesciences products, call Hotline no.02-894-1111 or email


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