New US Slimming Product Enters Local Market

In the rapidly growing business of health beverages, a new slimming drink is set to penetrate the Philippine market and challenge the dominance of other industry players by providing a convenient and tasty alternative of attaining trim and sexy body.

Hydrotrim, recently launched into the market by Mega Lifesciences Pty Ltd, is touted as the country’s first orange-flavored slimming beverage to the Filipino consumers.

“Drink it, trim it—it’s that simple,” said Hydrotrim brand manager Shirley Jocson. “No nasty diets, no stigma associated with taking medications, no embarrassing side effects, no bad taste, it’s just like drinking your regular orange drink.”

The secret to Hydrotrim’s success as a slimming drink, however, is not its taste but its active ingredient, Super Citrimax, a propriety formulation made in the United States that comes from the extract of the fruit Garcinia Cambogia and its unique blend in Hydrotrim.

The extract contains 70% Hydroxycitric Acid, a natural organic acid similar to the one found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons but with remarkably different properties.

While citric acid is beneficial to the human body because it acts as a natural preservative and an antioxidant, Hydroxycitric Acid, when mixed with other naturally occurring chemicals present in Hydrotrim, is better because it burns fat and controls the body’s intake of carbohydrates and sugars that are often converted into unsightly flab.

“Mega recognized the need for a beverage that burns fat without forcing a person to undergo a strenuous diet,” said Mega Lifesciences executive director Rishi Pradhan. “What sets Hydrotrim apart from other slimming drinks is that you’ll actually enjoy drinking it because it appeals to your taste buds.”

The result: Hydrotrim, Mega Lifesciences’ first aggressive foray into the multibillion-peso health and fitness industry, which has in recent years enjoyed a boom due to changes in the lifestyle of many young Filipinos.

Mega Lifesciences is no stranger to the industry, with operations in more than 22 countries and having been created with a clear philosophy of offering high quality healthcare for human wellness, has successful forays in the Philippines such as Pynocare and Gloww beauty supplements.

The company has also come to be known as one of the industry leaders of neutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and pharmaceuticals in the country.

Investing heavily in actual tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Hydrotrim, Mega Lifesciences tapped 500 Filipino women to become the first to enjoy the benefits of the brand.

The test showed that Hydrotrim was proven effective in lowering sugar and carbohydrate cravings, inhibiting the production of fat, increasing the ability to burn fat and boosting the body’s metabolic rate.

“Aside from getting rid of their ‘Bilbil’ or love handles, the women really enjoyed the orange-flavor of Hydrotrim,” said Jocson.

Jocson also revealed that aside from its weight-control properties, Hydrotrim is an easy and convenient way to eliminate fat and maintain figure since it is available in powered format and packaged in sachets and can be prepared in seconds since it easily dissolves in a glass of water, just like a regular orange drink.

In order to effectively trim down or maintain lean, healthy bodies, Jocson also advised that individuals consume at least two sachets of Hydrotrim everyday, 30 minutes before every meal.

The product is also readily available in Mercury outlets and most major drugstores at an affordable price, attesting the company’s mission of improving human health by providing quality medicines and health products at the right price.

For more information about Hydrotrim and other Mega Lifesciences products, call 02-894-1111 or email


7 Responses

  1. how much does hydrotrim cost?

  2. i tried it the first time i learned of it. i hope it really works. upon finishing a box of 14 sachets, what can i expect? apparently, it is not like the usual fat burning teas i have tried as parang wala lang. I hope may good effect din naman. When is the effect supposedly felt? after how many sachets?

  3. Hydrotrim is available at Mercury Drug outlets and other major drugstores in Metro Manila.

  4. We just published a new article on Hydrotrim that might answer your question, Mercy. If the info is still not adequate, you may post a comment with us again.

  5. For more information about Hydrotrim, call 02-894-1111 or email:

  6. ive tried this,,, its effective for me… im super busy during the week that ive tried the product so i really wasnt able to eat much. but then i lost almost 5lbs in over a week and about an inch off my waist… the downside is its quite expensive to maintain

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