7-Eleven continues the mission:

Extending the gift of mind and muscle in GK Pinagsama


As 7-Eleven stores around the world moved to simultaneously celebrate the now official 7-Eleven Day, top Philippine Seven Corp. executives together with volunteer company employees marched to the GK Village in Pinagsama, Taguig City, to fulfill the solemn commitment to continue the mission that they embarked with Gawad Kalinga.

Last year, the 7-Eleven delegation found fulfillment in the corporate social responsibility program in the GK Village of Baseco Compound, Tondo. This year it was Taguig’s Pinagsama Village that saw a virtual army of cheerful volunteers wearing the colors and emblems of 7-Eleven on the morning of July 11.
Led by Vicente Paterno, Chairman of Philippine Seven Corp., volunteer officers and employees from the company’s different departments once again worked hand in hand as they help breathe life into the homes that will be awarded to more than 60 family-beneficiaries of GK Pinagsama.

Together with Gawad Kalinga, Philippine Seven Corp., the country licensee of the of the world-renowned convenience store chain, set off to cement the established partnership with the crusading socio-civic group engaged in putting up free housing units for underprivileged Filipino families.

“We are continuing the noble mission that we started last year with Gawad Kalinga. We are also hopeful that this effort, which brings about a positive perspective in life through decent and livable housing for our less fortunate brothers, will soon gain nationwide support and recognition from fellow institutions,” Paterno said.

Armed with brooms, rollers, hammers, and buckets of paint, 7-Eleven’s men and women were in full force as they helped in the building, landscaping, and beautification of the homes and the surrounding areas for the beneficiaries.

While the men worked on hauling cement blocks, painting walls and sifting sand, the women set about planting bougainvilleas in pots and laying down paving bricks to further beautify the community.

This year, however, the 7-Eleven troops donated not only their muscle but also their minds as they set off to motivate the residents with a dream of a brighter future.

“Our company has been adamant in instilling to our employees the importance of voluntary work through self-less acts of community service. We believe that people, to be fully aware and sensitive towards the needs of others, have to show their compassion by actively fulfilling their moral obligation to those who have few in life,” Paterno stressed.

Evelyn Nieva, mother of six children and resident of Pinagsama since 1994, was among the lucky family-beneficiaries of the joint housing mission who wish that 7-Eleven’s tie-up with Gawad Kalinga be a lasting alliance.

“We at GK Village Pinagsama are very happy and thankful that a big company like 7-Eleven and its people are committed to this cause. Knowing that there are still individuals and establishments that care for our well-being is a very inspirational thought for us. We hope that this kind of partnership becomes permanent so that goodwill to those of us in need will be fostered for a long time,” Nieva said.

Aside from the day-long physical activities composed of simple construction work, hauling of construction materials like bricks and cement, and minor painting, 7-Eleven’s manpower also helped in preparing and distributing food for the volunteers, most of whom are ordinary people who allot a portion of their time building Gawad Kalinga’s charitable housing projects.

But the company’s commitment to the residents of GK Village Pinagsama does not stop with merely contributing muscle in the housing projects. In the coming months, 7-Eleven is set to conduct free business training for production and marketing of household detergents for family-beneficiaries.

Experts from the ranks of the convenience store’s reliable employees will soon impart the know-how and techniques in manufacturing the products, train Gawad Kalinga Pinagsama residents on quality control in production, and instruct them on how to market the products effectively.

“Philippine Seven Corp. and the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores will be their first customers. They can even use us as their reference when selling their products to other customers,” Paterno said.

The fulfillment of giving as painted by the philanthropic crusade of Philippine Seven Corp., Gawad Kalinga and the 7-Eleven family creates a humanitarian environment that enlivens the spirit of brotherhood and unity in times of hardship and misery. And although the campaign against despair is a never ending battle for the conglomerate, 7-Eleven seeks to do its share in giving that much needed ray of hope to the poor through the business training program.

“Maybe some will ask, why train them instead of giving them the money needed to start a business of their own? We at Philippine Seven Corp. believe in the old adage that if we give them fish, they’ll eat only for a day; but if we teach them how to fish, they’ll eat for the rest of their lives. So, instead of just doling out handouts, we help them gain the knowledge and skill to become self-reliant in business,” noted Paterno, adding, “Instead of just donating money, we find the act of physically helping people in need more fulfilling, inspiring, and spiritually rewarding.”


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  1. I thought that you should know that the 1st Gawad Kalinga Global Summit held at Boston last June 12-14 is a big and a historic success! I’m not able to be there but according to their website, there are almost almost 700 delegates from the US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Columbia and the Philippines who joined the event. This is a very good news to everyone! 🙂

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